What’s new in Color OS6


What is the latest version of Color OS?

Oppo introduced the latest version of their user interface in its smartphones, and it turns out to be a good update. The ColorOS 6.0 update is built on the Android Pie platform. With this update, the company is inching towards stock Android from its emulation of an iOS image traditionally found on earlier devices. The OS has been designed keeping in view of the bezel-less smartphones but will work wonders in older phones too.

This update focused on making the skin appear lighter with better looks and enhances overall performance. In this guide, you will come face to face with the all-new ColorOS 6.0 update and discover everything that is new and trendy. You will get the best features in Color OS.

1.The new App Drawer

The App Drawer is the biggest change that has been featured in the new Color OS 6 update. The app drawer has made Android popular, and this user interface feature differentiates it from Apple’s iOS. The other Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei and similar others completely avoided the app drawer on their skins that previously made them an imitation of the iOS.

However, with this new update rolling in Oppo has changed that tradition by an all-inclusive addition of an app drawer. As the app drawer is not allowed by default settings, you will have to do that manually. To enable this particular setting, you need to pinch in the home screen with both the fingers and select settings.

The home screen opens and then select home screen mode by tapping which will take you to another setting where there will be two options, standard mode and drawer mode. Select the drawer mode, and you are done.

2.The new notification panel

At the same time, along with a new app drawer, Oppo has made significant changes to the notification panel as well. Now you can find bigger quick setting toggles by which you can tap them easily.

You will definitely like the new look of the quick setting toggle because they are more appealing for the eyes to look at. The whole backdrop of the notification fascia is translucent and is reflects the blurred color of the wallpaper that is in use currently. The overall notification panel looks good and also functional, as well.

3.AI has taken over

With the brand new integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ColorOS 6 has not only provided stunning visual experience but also made the skin more snappy and fluid by working in the background. You can experience the AI working when you open the app drawer and find the topmost row displays some app predictions that were based on the usage data.

The AI will analyze your activity for some days to learn your usage habits and stop all apps that have not been used for a long time. Other features like the Game Space and Hyper Boost rely duly on the AI structure. To make your phone snappier, the AI detects and predicts the usage data and then diverts resources to the exact task.

Even the camera app utilizes AI to produce amazing photographs. Therefore you will see that the AI will always work in the background and make sure that you have a smooth experience.

4. Stock Apps redesigned

Redesigning of the stock apps is another new change that brings the OS closer to stock Android. The stock apps that are pre-installed on this version, including messages, photos, dialers, and many others, are built from ground zero that clearly reflects Google’s design theme.

You will definitely love the new Photo App that looks much closer to Google Photos and make it easier for you to find the pictures that you are looking for.

5.New volume user interface

Although it’s a small change, this shows the company’s commitment to using the Android UI design over the iOS design. With the introduction of the new OS, Oppo has brought a new volume bar that looks pretty familiar to the volume bar that Google has introduced in the Android Pie update.

The volume indicator stays out of the way while showing the status of the volume. As a default setting, you can change only the ringer volume if no media are playing. You can also tap on the menu indicated by three dots if you want to adjust the media, or ringer, or alarm volumes separately.

6.Pill based navigation system

Pill based gesture navigation is another Android Pie feature making its way to the ColorOS 6. The gestures here are a bit different from stock Android, though, which is a good thing. The stock Android version takes two swipes to open the app drawer from the bottom, while ColorOS 6.0 allows you to do that once.

You should always remember to swipe from the upward arrows and not from the pill. If you swipe from the pill, the recent app menu will open, as seen on Android Pie. Similarly, the back button situated on the left side of the pill. You can swipe it right of the pill so that you can scroll between recent apps.

The new version gives a lot of controls over your navigation preferences. Open the Settings app and navigate to Convenience Aid and then to Navigation Keys, where you can set any choice of yours.

7.All-new Game Space App

In an endeavor to keep gaming free from any distractions, the company includes the Game Space App in all the versions of ColorOS, and this new OS is no different. You can now access more information and features.

For example, you can have a look at the battery life, network signal strength, and more while gaming. The app promises that you can have enhanced gaming experience. Features like smoothness optimization will allocate resources so that you can run games smoother and reduce network latency optimizes your data network so that your online progress may not be interrupted.

games space in color os 6

With the help of a dual-channel network, you can simultaneously use 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity so that your connection remains unbroken when switching from one source to another due to poor connectivity.

8.Hyper Boost technology

Have you noticed your phone getting slower as time goes by? The main reason for such happenings is due to the system’s inability to assign the resources subtly. So you may be wondering what might have happened to the same phone that was fast when purchased and later slowed down, although the hardware was the same.

The company aims at solving this primary issue and has brought a new technology called the Hyper Boost. Being a part of Color OS 6, this new technology will improve the management ability by allocating system resources and intelligently managing. Hyper Boost consists of three parts, namely App Boost, System Boost, and Game Boost. The initialization of apps will get improved under App Boost. It will predict which app you are going to open, and it will redirect the system resources to launch fast.

The system boost will ensure that basic system functions like launching a camera, navigating user interface, or phone start-up happens very smoothly. The company claims that there is an increased 30% faster experience in photo restart time compared to previous ColorOS versions. And lastly, all your network stability and gaming performance will drastically improve when you are playing games.

9.Introducing the new Riding Mode

With Android Pie rolling out, Google has introduced the Driving Mode in which the system automatically enables the Android Auto that disables any notifications when the phone detects that the user is driving. The exact feature has also been introduced in the new ColorOS 6 update.

Given the name “Riding Mode,” this feature will mute all your notifications and automatically decline calls and texts back to those people. This is indeed a remarkable feature that will enable distraction-free riding, and it should be included on every smartphone although the feature is marketed for countries that use mopeds mostly for transportation and will be made available in South-east Asian countries.

10.Smart assistant with a new look

Just like the Google Assistant, which provides you with all the information if it thinks you need them, Oppo’s new Smart Assistant is the same kind. You can access the assistant page by a gentle swipe of your finger from right to left of the home screen. You must be mesmerized by the UI because it is pretty good and features every information concisely and clearly.

You can even customize the information you want to see on that page so that it can display only the information that will be relevant to you. Since everything is all about AI, smart management intelligently stops those apps working in a background that is not used frequently in order to preserve the battery life.


You will love the new ColorOS 6.0 update, and you will get yourself closer to experience the stock Android. This OS no longer feels like an imitation of iOS, and you will be presented with a cool Android user interface that you will obviously love.


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