What’s New in Oxygen OS? The Best OS for android.


Oxygen OS is the user interface used by the smartphone manufacturer company OnePlus including the recently launched OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro. Wondering what is the latest version of Oxygen OS? After discovering a few bugs while updating to OxygenOS 10.0, the company paused its rollout. The company was quick on fixing those issues and resumed the update with the latest version OxygenOS 10.0.1 build on the Android 10 platform.

The company announced the rollout of version 10.0.1 for OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro devices on its forums with a detailed changelog that mentions the changes in this update. There are some interesting changes that include a new user interface design, new gesture-based navigation, smart display, new game space, and improved camera performance.

The Chinese manufacturer also indicated that this update will initially be made available to a certain number of users. It shall be further released to a wider audience once the company confirms that the software is free from any bugs. OnePlus has also confirmed that the up-gradation is not staged on region-based but it is randomly being pushed to a restricted number of devices.

OnePlus rolled out the Open Beta 3 for OnePlus 7and 7Pro after the updated version 10.0 was paused. If you have any one of these two devices and opted for an Open Beta version, you have the choice to upgrade to the new beta version or switch to a stable version of OxygenOS.

It is recommended not to use Open Beta builds on your primary handset though but if you cannot resist from trying the new version, then you can try installing them. The new OxygenOS 10.0.1 version brings in a lot of features with improvements to the OnePlus 7 and Pro devices.

Let’s have a glance at some of the new features in Oxygen OS.

1.The App Locker

App locker will secure all your sensitive data used on specific apps from people with prying eyes. To open an application, you will be required to enter a valid PIN or fingerprint which means that only you can personally access them. You may select any app that contains some sensitive data like the dialer, message or social media apps.

This feature is particularly beneficial if you are surrounded by friends or kinds and they have the tendency to play with your phone. You can set the lock to your budgeting apps so that no one can see your financial transactions or applications like Messenger that contains personal conversations of various persons.

You can even use it on Google Photos so that no one can go through the images. In order to set a lock on any apps, navigate to the phone settings, tap on Utilities and then open the App Locker. Type in your PIN and enter. There will be a list of all the apps lined together, just tap on your desired app that you want to lock, and you are done. Is also allows you to hide the notifications of those selected apps for added security.

2.Sensible gestures

OnePlus offers several gesture options in Oxygen OS that will help you to get things faster. The on-screen gesture replaces the back, home and multitasking buttons giving the interface a clear and vivid look. These gestures look a bit different from the Android 9 Pie that comes along the OS and focused on the pill icon.

After you enable the gestures, you can reach the home screen by swiping from the bottom center in an upward direction, swiping up from the right bottom will go back and swiping from the center bottom moving upwards and holding the finger on the screen will bring up the multitasking space. After a few rounds of practice, you can master these gestures.

With Google’s tweaked gesture that came bundled with Android 10, you will find a horizontal line at the bottom front panel. By swiping left or right using the horizontal line you can switch between different apps. You will find Home by swiping up while swiping from the left or right side of the edge display will trigger the back option. You can have an overview of all apps simply by swiping up and holding on the screen. Google Assistant gets activated if you swipe from corners. You can disable Google Assistant gesture if you don’t find it useful.

3.The innovative shelf

If you swipe right on your home screen, you can have access to the Shelf. It is a very productive tool. It offers quick entry to your recent apps or contacts, displays the current weather, lets you create new notes and many more utilities. You can have information about your devices such as available storage, current battery life or data remaining in your daily or monthly cycle.

The shelf can also be customized. You can add widgets from any app, or you may delete those that aren’t required anymore. You can edit notes and it displays the list of last ten contacts that you have called. You will definitely like the Shelf with all its fantastic features.

Despite opening separate apps that you need simply go to the shelf and open that app or any other function. If you want to get rid of the shelf and its features, you can turn it down by pressing and holding on an empty part on the home screen. Tap home setting and turn off the shelf.

4.Smart Boost & Fnatic mode

Smart Boost made its way first on the OnePlus 6T that works with few gaming apps. The latest version of Smart Boost allows an improvement of about 20% as claimed by the company and helps to launch apps faster than before. The technology is expected to be applied to more apps and games for optimized performance in the near future.

Fnatic mode

With the launch of OnePlus 7 & Pro, the company brought a more enormous gaming mode called as Fnatic mode. Fnatic is an esports firm and this mode on OnePlus device is what a pro-gamer will love to use. It has advanced features like do not disturb or called as DND that blocks any calls or notifications while disables the second SIM for rich network performance.

The Fnatic mode restricts background activities by various apps for enhanced CPU usage. This mode will be very helpful if you don’t want your gaming sessions to be disturbed.

5.Zen mode

With the launch of the flagship smartphones OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, the company introduced a new feature in OxygenOS called the Zen Mode. This mode will take you far beyond the Fnatic and Gaming mode and applies to your daily life by pressuring you to put your mobile device down. Zen Mode will put your smartphone into cessation so that you can focus on your real life.

Oxygen OS Zen mode
Zen Mode

Activating the Zen mode will make your phone shift into some kind of lockdown, which means you cannot do anything with your device for the next 20 minutes or more up to 1 Hour. Emergency calls and photo capturing are exempted from the lockdown though. There is no way you can turn your back once this mode has been activated. Switching off or restarting your device will be of no help and the mode will be active for the said period.

6.Brilliant ambient display Of Oxygen OS:

The ambient display has a tiny update but very useful. OnePlus phones always display notifications every time you wake up the phone and the new Oxygen OS is no exception. The same has been provided with the addition of time and location that intelligently shows them accordingly.

Hence you can see the updated notifications if you have access to a Wi-Fi network. For example, if you are listening to a song, the ambient display will display the name and artist of the song just a little above the fingerprint sensor.

7.Intelligent SMS application and caller identification:

OnePlus introduced these two features that are intended for users in a big country like India. The main purpose is to cope up with the spam caller problem with function like caller identification. It will also identify legit calls coming from authenticated sources.

The company has upgraded its SMS app and introduced it in this OS which separates personal, promotional and transactional messages. This update allows you to copy OTPs (one-time password) directly from the notification itself. For Indian consumers, the company introduced cricket scores live by using a widget and other apps that let you maintain balance in life.

8.Upgraded UI is interesting:

Whenever there is an Android update, OnePlus also revises its UI on Oxygen OS to make the skin more refreshing. A few changes may be observed in the settings where it has combined some items under the same titles. In the customization settings, you can change the icon shapes, accent colors, ambient display, themes and many more.

There will be location and privacy settings. You can choose to make the UI more colorful or opt for a dark mode. You can still have the classic Oxygen OS features alongside the new one. If you own a OnePlus 7 Pro device, you can customize colors of the horizon light in the ambient display with four color choices.

In conclusion

The overall interface is more organized than other versions of the Oxygen OS and this new update makes it easier and peppier to use on the latest OnePlus devices.


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